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During the darkest days of WWII, it was the people of our great nation – the mechanics, clerks, farmers, industrialists, lawyers, bankers, teachers, doctors, students – these and millions like them who answered the call to defend the American way of life. Among them were the men of the . This site is dedicated to them.

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In 133 days of combat, the liberated or captured 1,000 cities, towns and villages, captured 64,000 German soldiers and airmen, liberated 200,000 Allied prisoners of war, including 30,000 Americans (approximately 40% of all American soldiers, sailors, and airmen held in Germany), and freed 250,000 Jews and other "displaced persons" from German captivity. The Division also destroyed or captured 500 German tanks, 100 self-propelled guns, 500 artillery weapons, 400 anti-aircraft guns, 2,000 railroad cars, 100 locomotives, 200 factories, 50,000 tons of munitions, and 400 enemy aircraft.

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